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The color felt price received by many families

Despite a long history of blankets, but we felt a detailed understanding is not much color felt price, but also there are many kinds of blankets, with handmade blankets, colored blankets, etc., can all be used.

Then we say that the next colored felt at home there anything magical, family handmade DIY high-quality materials with low color felt price, toy safety issue because now many, many unscrupulous vendors will be toxic and harmful substandard materials used in toys manufacturing. Such toys for children to play, the child will be placed in potentially dangerous situation.

Therefore, mothers launched a "toy DIY" trend, a lot of ingenuity mother,color felt price began to produce their own toys. Since the use of natural sheep wool blankets made ??of soft, flexible, and resistant, not easily damaged, wool felt for many mothers "Toy DIY" material of choice. Home insulation commodity, good color felt price because wool felt with thermal insulation effect, coupled with natural wool soft texture, many families like to use wool felt made insoles.

Especially in the cold winter, wool felt insole insulation function fully apparent. Felt very malleable, cut, stitching is very simple, they are able to make different styles of coasters and heat insulation package. From your own ideas into simple household items, the family get more than just the practicality of wool felt supplies,color felt price as well as the owner of the family's love. Paintings auxiliary materials, painting with high quality pure wool carpets or fibers as raw material, felt planing uniform, white soft, flexible, can be set off rice paper, brush painting and calligraphy lovers so freely.


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