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Color paper Production should note the following questions

Production should note the following questions:

(1) Make use of the same batch of paper the same batch of the dye.

(2) Should be used to dye dissolved by adding 60 ℃ warm water,color paper wholesale or easy to produce paper stain.

(3) Direct dye affinity of the fiber is very strong, color paper wholesale so modulated dye solution concentration should be lower, generally 2% or less, color paper wholesale,and uniformly added to the slurry to prevent uneven dyeing.

(4) If you use two or more dyes Direct dyes should be added to the slurry to be mixed before adding other dyes.

3 operating conditions control machine operation conditions on the paper machine has a great influence color, if improper operation on both sides of the paper is easy to produce color paper wholesale. Because retention of the dye with fines and filler retention is closely related to the development machine operating conditions, to control the following aspects.

(A) the machine speed. The color effect on the color paper wholesale speed is important, the actual production of our machine speed 150 m / min,color paper wholesale, vacuum suction cage 0.4kPa. If the machine speed too fast, the slurry water from the wire section off fast, fast off the net surface water slurry large number of fine fibers and fillers and dyes adsorbed on it be taken away, resulting in paper page positive and negative difference between the amount of dye. Excessive speed caused the result not only easy to color both sides of the sheet, and also may produce this batch of paper color.

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